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Javascript architecture, software engineering, user experience

I've been a professional web developer since 1999. I've worked in almost every language there is that gets used on the client side, and quite a few of the major ones on the backend. My current speciality is Javascript architecture and custom Javascript framework design. At the end of the day, languages and frameworks are tools used to do a job, and I'm always happy to learn or create a new one as the situation demands. I'm more into simplicity than complexity for its own sake, and more into using the right tools for the job than jumping on buzzwords or finding "solutions" in search of a problem.

Architecting code is an artistic endeavor, or should be, and it requires much more than implementing what's "hot" on any given day. Like any other type of art, the creator must be able to form an original vision and see it through to completion. I strive to create systems that work, are scalable, are pleasant to work with, are easy for almost anyone to learn, and are of exactly the minimum amount of complexity needed to do the job.

Email: talkingstove[at]gmail

Resume [doc]

Code samples
(Nagisa framework and Jumbotron component source [zip, work-in-progress, for sample purposes only])

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